Far North Dallas Tax Office Gets Surprise Package of Weed in Mail, Inexplicably Turns it in to Police

The life of a tax office mail clerk seems that it'd be dull. Box after cardboard box of IRS forms, IRS instruction manuals and IRS paraphernalia, with only an occasional piece of computer equipment to spice things up.

So, yesterday's special delivery must have come as a surprise to the clerk at a Far North Dallas tax office tucked behind the Studio Movie Grill at Central and Spring Valley Road. It was decently sized cube, 15 inches per side, and addressed to someone named Mike Jones. No Mike Jones worked at the tax office, but the address (13999 Goldmark Drive) and suite number (300) were correct, so the clerk figured it was a box of checks.

It was not. Inside, he found two Tupperware containers wrapped in tissue paper. Unwrapping one of them, the clerk discovered a vacuum-sealed freezer bag packed tight with marijuana. The tax office had not, he was pretty sure, ordered any weed.

The arrival of such a package was strange. Stranger still was the clerk's response. Rather than take the "checks" home and have a super chill weekend, he called Dallas police and handed everything over.

We've tried to contact the tax office to see just what in God's name this individual was thinking, but without success. There are a couple of tax offices in the strip center at 13999 Goldmark. The number for one is disconnected, while the man who answered the phone at the other sounded puzzled when asked if he'd received any weed shipments recently. So, it shall remain a mystery.

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Eric Nicholson
Contact: Eric Nicholson