Jaime Pressly's still coming to town tomorrow night. But the rest of Dallas International Fashion Week's gone out for cigarettes till further notice.

Fashion Week, Weak

Per an e-mail from Some Publicist this morning: "Dallas International Fashion Week is announcing its postponement of its planned launch October 20 - 26, 2007 until a season next year." The event's promoter-producer, David Manning, is quoted: "It's clear a longer promotional period will better suit sour [sic] mission to drive tickets revenue [sic]." He continues: "Of course any ticket buyers will be fully refunded."

When we called the publicist in New York City to confirm, she didn't want us to use the word "canceled." Fine. She also said that one planned party will take place as scheduled: tomorrow night's "launch party" -- heh -- at One Arts Plaza, featuring Jaime Pressly and her J'aime Collection. Guess it would have looked bad to cancel -- sorry, postpone -- a fund-raiser for "the forgotten children of the world."

Otherwise, looks like there's no need for the both of you to get your panties in a wad this week. --Andrea Grimes

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