Texas Rangers

Fat Lady May Be Warming Up, But Rangers Haven't Won The West ... Yet

I'll say it, Texas Rangers' fever is at an all-time high.

Sunday night's 6-4 win improved Tommy Hunter to 8-0, allowed the Rangers to win three of four from the Anaheim Angels and pushed their lead to seven games with 63 remaining. More than 160,000 fans went to Arlington Thursday-Sunday.

With Cliff Lee and C.J. Wilson starting and Neftali Feliz closing and Josh Hamilton and Michael Young hitting, the Rangers can see the finish line without too much help from lasik surgeon Dr. Gary Tylock.

That said, no need yet to call former Mayor Laura Miller. Keep the parade routes handy, but it's not time yet for a planning meeting.

Seven up with 63 remaining is nice and all, but there have been bigger collapses in Major League Baseball ...

10. 1938 Pittsburgh Pirates - 7-game lead on September 1 evaporates.

9. 1962 Los Angeles Dodgers - 4 games with 7 left, lost 10 of their last 13.

8. 1969 Chicago Cubs - 9.5 games on August 14, lost 14 of their final 20.

7. 1987 Toronto Blue Jays - 3.5 with 7 games to play, swept by Detroit in season-ending four-game series to lose division to Tigers.

6. 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers - 13.5-game lead on August 11, went 26-22 down stretch but lost division as Giants won 16 in a row.

5. 2009 Detroit Tigers - Only team in baseball history to blow a 3-game lead with four to play.

4. 1978 Boston Red Sox - 7.5 with 32 remaining, but lost 14 of 17 allowed Yankees to catch and pass them.

3. 1995 California Angels - 11.5 on August 9, went 12-27 down the stretch.

2. 2007 New York Mets - 7-game lead on September 12, but lost 15 of final 17 to cough up title to Phillies.

1. 1964 Philadelphia Phillies - 6.5 with 12 to go, lost 10 in a row.

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