Fattening Up (Bank Accounts) With The Colonel

Ain't no secret that too much KFC (they're not allowed to actually say "chicken" any more, right?) will pretty much kill you in a full-on calorie onslaught, coating your insides in a layer of sticky trans-fat and clogging your veins with coagulated chunks of that delicious brown gravy.

It's too bad, then, that that Colonel Sanders is such a damned good guy. The Kentucky Fried Chicken Foundation, the official charity of KFC (I guess they can say "chicken" if food isn't actually involved) has just awarded more than $1,000,000 in academic scholarships to good kids in financial need. One of those lucky KFC Scholars is Arlington's own Donna Chan, who "has spent countless hours mentoring children in her poverty-stricken neighborhood," according to a press release sent by the KFC folks today.

The 18-year-old Chan will receive $20,000 over the next four years while she attends UT-Austin. This is only the second year the KFC scholarships have been awarded. The money's set aside specifically for school, which means Chan can't spend the money on 4,773 KFC "Famous Bowls" for a grand total of 3,532,020 calories. --Andrea Grimes

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