Dean Fearing, clearly not a role model for young chefs

Fearing's Gets a High Five. Also: The Famous "Dallas-Houston Area" to Get a "Tropical Hotel."

Speaking of The New York Times and Dallas and our city's estimable pleasures, as we were one item down, today critic Frank Bruni releases the names of three more eateries that make his list of "Intriguing New Restaurants Outside of New York." Of course, we already knew Fearing's made the list -- it makes everyone's list -- but now we know at which spot: No. 5, turns out. Why come? Fearing's is a restaurant that "presents a modern parable" -- one topped with a salad of mango and pickled red onion, no doubt. Food's good, sure, but why at the five-spot and not higher? "Short on nuance, Fearing’s can be overwhelming. So can the tab."

But that ain't the big local news outta The Times. Turns out, we're about to get an indoor water park-hotel with "a mango-colored exterior and a tropical theme." It's called KeyLime Cove Water Resort, and, says the owner, “We plan to open one in the Dallas-Houston area in the next 18 months, followed by another one in Connecticut. Our plans are to have 20 across the country in the next 10 years.” Dunno where the "Dallas-Houston area" is exactly -- Teague, maybe? Besides, isn't one Great Wolf Lodge more than enough? --Robert Wilonsky

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