Former city council member James Fantroy told Channel 11's Jack Fink he's heard rumors that indictments are "coming down pretty soon."

Federal Indictments Imminent in City Hall Corruption Case, Says Channel 11

I just returned from a screening to discover, via FrontBurner, that a hearty mazel tov's due Jack Fink for breaking the news that our long national nightmare's near an end. KTVT-Channel 11's Fink has the news, not in The News, that "indictments are imminent in the corruption probe hanging over Dallas City Hall for more than two years now."

And, yeah, rumors about imminent indictments float around every few months. But Fink sounds like he has the goods: Basing his piece on info obtained from, among others, former council member James Fantroy and the attorney for D'Angelo Lee, Fink says indictments could come down in 72 hours or in a week -- and what's a few more days amongst friends? For those needing a refresher course about the corruption case involving the feds and City Hall and affordable housing deals, Matt Pulle wrote a pretty danged good one in January 2006. Feels like a million years ago. Felt that way in May 2006 too. --Robert Wilonsky

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