Finally, the Entire KZEW Broadcast of Peter Frampton at January Sound Studios in '75

A Friend of Unfair Park asked the other day if I was "lining up some 70s aerosmith/journey/boston type cruzin music for the Forest Lane Reunion next week." Well, as a matter of fact...

I do have something lined up for tomorrow's weekend-listening adios. But this one can't wait, because you never know how long it'll stick around. Because those following along at home know how hard it's been trying to track down the entirety of Peter Frampton's February 5, 1975, set recorded at January Sound Studios and broadcast on KZEW. Hard. Very hard. Extremely hard. Extraordinarily hard.

But not no more: I just got a heads-up that the Zewkeeper recently updated his Framp '75 page, which once had only a streaming version of "Do You Feel Like I Do" that became a local hit a good year before Frampton Comes Alive was even released. Now there's a link that takes you to the entirety of the broadcast, from "Something's Happening" to "Jumping Jack Flash."

Just in time for this weekend's cruise down Forest. And to think -- somewhere I still have a stash of Zoo Freak bumper stickers. But, really, I'd hustle if I were you.

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