Fire Sale

Someone bought the Arcadia sign. Dunno who. And dunno where they're gonna put it.

A Barking Friend of Unfair Park sends word this morning that the Belmont Neighborhood Association has sold the Arcadia Theatre's sign to "a local company" for $7,500 -- or $7,500 more than Unfair Park offered. The sign, says BNA VP Avi Adelman, was donated to the neighborhood association by Dunhill Partners. Its sale will go toward paying for crime-watch activities, which, ya never know, just might include some night-vision goggles for Avi.

The Barking Dog, who's usually not so quiet about things, won't say who bought the sign -- not yet. "The sign will be repaired and displayed in a prominent location in Dallas this spring," he writes. "The buyer, whom BNA declined to identify until the sign is rededicated, will also pay for the costs of removing the sign from the Arcadia before demolition last December, renovations and new neon, and reinstallation on their building." That'll run the Mystery Buyer an extra $2,500. Me, I'm just gonna have to bid on a ticket stub from a 1988 Alarm show at the Arcadia. Five bucks if I Buy It Now. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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