Fired 911 Operator Can't Seem to Stop Being Racist

The postings on fired 911 operator April Sims' Facebook account speak for themselves. When you write things like, "Black people are outrageous! They are more like animals," there's just not a lot of gray area there.

But WFAA's Rebecca Lopez, who co-broke the original story with The Dallas Morning News' Tanya Eiserer, had a followup story last night. Its ostensible purpose was to expose chaos in the city's 911 call center (there are two anonymous quotes from 911 operators to that effect), but it mainly served as an opportunity to highlight Sims' unrepentant racism.

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"So, apparently there are people who are looking to add me as a friend on Facebook, because they support my message," she wrote in a followup message on Facebook. "... Hopefully many other people can freely speak their minds with no fear. God Bless America!"

So, Sims is now a martyr for free speech. In her own mind at least.

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