First George W. Bush, Now Kwame Kilpatrick. Dallas, How Lucky Can One City Get?

The Friends of Unfair Park know what's happening. Just this morning, one of them hopped on a four-month old item about Detroit's disgraced ex-mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick, to warn Dallas about his impending arrival -- just as soon as he gets out of the joint.

Unfair Park had reported last September that Kilpatrick was in town visiting T.D. Jakes.

Shortly after that trip to Dallas, Kilpatrick departed the fabled Manoogian Mansion in Detroit -- scene of wild parties, so the story goes -- to begin serving serving a four-month sentence for felony obstruction of justice stemming from efforts to cover up an extra-marital affair.

My alma mater, the Detroit Free Press, reported yesterday that Kilpatrick is seeking permission to move to Texas as soon as he gets out of prison next month. Rudy Bush at The News blogged today that he had seen Kilpatrick hanging around Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert's office some months ago.

Bush says he has heard the former mayor is seeking work here as a lobbyist. My Detroit sources say the radio stations up there are reporting he will be a broadcaster in Dallas.

Let me see. Broadcaster? Lobbyist? Who does both? Well, that could be either an interesting match or an interesting competition.

By the way, last week, when urban expert Chris Leinberger was in town, he talked about the coolest "walkable" neighborhoods in urban America. Guess where he said one of the best was. Detroit. That's right.

Before you native Texans get all down on my hometown, you need to remember that it faces a big gleaming river, the Detroit River, so cleaned up it is now a premier trout stream, with casinos to go to, Greektown nearby, stuff to do and a cool waterfront neighborhood where you can tie up your yacht right in your front yard.

I say let's give a big welcome to Mayor K. He might even bring some life to the Bible Belt.

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