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Flashback Friday: Genesis's Moody Blues

I have some hazy memory of my slightly older cousin going to SMU in March 1977 to see Genesis, then touring behind A Trick Of The TailWind & Wuthering, the band's second album with Phil Collins as lead singer. My cousin -- who, earlier today, threatened a libel suit if I printed his name -- also has a vague recollection of this sojourn, though he also thinks it might have been the Queen-Thin Lizzy show at Moody Coliseum on February 25 of that year. (Let's be honest: It was probably both.)

Maybe this'll refresh his memory: a just-posted soundboard recording of Genesis's March 19, 1977, Moody show, which was made for official release but was, um, not officially released. Not exactly my cup of squonk, but it is interesting to hear Collins sub for Peter Gabriel on a song like "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway." Oh, and speaking of KZEW, as we were a few days ago in celebration of its birthday week, George Gimarc would be only too happy to refresh all your concert-going memories -- assuming they took place between 1973 and 1979 and were advertised on The Zoo.

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