For Love or Money

Amid headlines about record-high crude prices, strained airlines and a deepening housing slump, True.com’s Herb Vest has some rosy news: Apparently, the crap economy isn’t dissuading daters from their zealous quests for love, no matter the cost of their sushi dinners, movie dates and weekends away. Vest, founder and CEO of the Irving-based online dating service known for ferreting out and going after criminal or married would-be members, today released a poll of more than 2,000 site users that reveals singles’ determination not to let money get in the way of love. Foreclosed homes and raise freezes be damned, they say; they’re holding onto their hope and their online dating memberships.

A couple of highlights -- and the first one's a ... shocker! Men and women appear to “have different priorities when it comes to discussing sex and money” or, like, nothing at all. Men rated sex as their fave thing to chat about (at 29 percent), followed by "nothing" and money. Women, on the other hand, put money first, nothing second, marriage third and sex fourth (at 15 percent -- so sorry, guys). But the best revelation? “It appears that more men (5 percent) than women (2 percent) associate with Kanye West's song 'Gold Digger,' and are looking for women to take care of their financial needs.” --Megan Feldman

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