For Now, Civic and Military Leader Hugh Robinson Will Not Rest in Peace

Unfair Park reported yesterday that things might get uglier in the death and burial of the late Gen. Hugh Robinson, a leader in local Dallas business and civic affairs also prominent in national political and military circles of his time (a top aide to LBJ at one point, for example).

It's uglier.

Two days ago a lawyer for Robinson's children by his first wife persuaded Dallas County Probate Judge Michael E. Miller to prohibit Robinson's burial at the Dallas/Fort Worth National Cemetery, on the grounds that the woman trying to bury him may not really be his current wife. The temporary restraining order is after the jump.

Miller granted the Robinson siblings a temporary restraining order directing Sparkman Hillcrest Funeral Home not to bury the body according to the wishes of the woman described in Miller's TRO as "Paula Bonita Raymond, a/k/a Paul Raymond Robinson."

The order also directed Sparkman Hillcrest to "release General Robinson's body immediately to the Applicants -- one or both of them -- so that General Robinson can be buried at ANC (Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia)."

In another document, Judger Miller states: "It clearly appears from the facts set forth in the Application that Paula Bonita Raymond, a/k/a Paula Raymond Robinson ('Paula'), who contends that she is General Robinson's surviving spouse, has no right to control the disposition of General Robinson's remains until she proves that she is the surviving spouse.

"Additionally, Paula and Sparkman-Hillcrest Funeral Home ('Sparkman-Hillcrest') should be immediately restrained from burying General Robinson in the Dallas/Fort Worth National Cemetery ('DFWNC')."

A pleading by Robinson's biological children quotes a paid obituary placed in The Dallas Morning News on March 5 in which Paula is described as his "bride of twelve years." The pleading says both Paula and Robinson were married to other people 12 years ago and no marriage license could be found showing they were ever wed to each other.

There will be a hearing on the matter in the 3rd Probate Court on the second floor of the old Records Building next Tuesday at 2:30 pm.
Temporary Restraining Order Regarding Burial of Major General Hugh Robinson

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