For Sale: A Stereographic Look Back at Downtown Dallas During Elks Week in July 1908

More than once during my occasional visits to the Library of Congress's treasure trove of Dallas-related artifacts, I've come across this stereograph: "Night view of Elks' Court of Honor, at intersection of Main and Akard Streets, Dallas, Texas--Grand Lodge meeting, July 1908." (A couple of years back, it was "animated" on the ClicksyPics website -- hypnotizing.) According to the Dallas Elks Lodge history-of and a few other places, the exact start date of the confab was July 15, 1908, when "the City constructed a four-way arch of structural steel at Main and Akard, topped by a large statue of an elk. A large downtown parade kicked off the proceedings."

Which I mention because of the find at top: Friend of Unfair Park PeterK directs our attention to this for-sale shot of downtown taken during Elks Week in 1908. My, but the Wilson Building cleans up quite nicely. The Austin-based seller wants $24.95; no bids so far, with two days left to go. So go, already.

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