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For Sale: From the Mid-1950s, Posters for New Openings at the Forest Theater in South Dallas

On this slow, gray Black Friday, allow me to spend some of the day suggesting gifts you need not stand in line (or put on pants or risk a pepper-spraying) to purchase. Over the last few days and weeks I've stockpiled a few auction items for the wish list; all, of course, are local lost-and-found footnotes, ephemera on virtual auction blocks, much of it suitable for framing.

We begin, for no particular reason, with these old posters from the Forest Theater, the once-grand movie house-turned-concert venue-turned-Erykah Badu venture-turned-empty shell on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. The theater was built in '47, and all three offerings date from '54 or '55. They're all being sold off at the buy-it-now price of $49.99. Get the Beau Brummell poster here; Run for Cover, here; The Adventures of Hajji Baba, here. And of the three, I'd probably go with Run for Cover -- just because it's one of two Nicholas Ray movies released in '55, the other being Rebel Without a Cause.

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Robert Wilonsky
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