For Sale: The Holy Grail of Dallas! No? Close Enough, From 1904, Jos. Linz's Pewter Cup.

What you see above presently resides in the United Kingdom -- Yorkshire, specifically, where one "frantique2000" hopes to part with this "pewter beaker" that dates back to 1904. That, incidentally, is when Jospeh Linz and brothers Simon, Ben and Albert had their glorious jewelry store on Main Street downtown -- "the finest jewel establishment in the world," matter of fact.

That location, one of many before and long after, opened in 1899, and five years later, from the looks of the stamp at the bottom of the cup, the Brothers Linz -- who'd come to Dallas from Denison -- had a German company manufacture for them this "souvenir of Dallas." As you can see it's decorated with myriad images of buildings that no longer exist -- the Carnegie Library (which was razed in 1954), the original Linz Building (demo'd in '63) -- and one that still does, the original county courthouse built in 1892. There's also the Confederate War Memorial, which turns 115 years old June 25 -- and remains the city's oldest standing sculpture.

The cup's not exactly running over with bids -- as in, with four days to go, no one's hit the $10 opening asking price. Perhaps the folks at Old Red might be interested. Because if not, I am. I hear if you drink from it, you'll become ... immortal.

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