For Your Long Weekend Listening Pleasure: The Stones Bring Some Girls to Will Rogers in '78

Figured we might as well get the usual week-ending rock-and-roll-and ender out of the way sooner than later, though we will return Friday (if not sooner). Besides, I've got cooking prep work to do tonight (this, highly recommended) and could use the company. And this offering, from July '78, also makes for a rather nice accompaniment to the '72 show from Tarrant County Convention Center.

And when I say "this offering," I refer specifically to the four-disc Handsome Girls set that includes the entirety of the Will Rogers Auditorium concert from that summer. Slimmed-down versions exist as well, as this is one of the more popular, ahem, unofficial Stones releases in the history of the unofficial release. (Sound's superior, broadcast-quality; there's even video.)

Historians can't decide -- the Some Girls tour has often been dismissed as falling-down professional, the sturdy work of men who saw concerts as penalty kills between parties. The set list hardly changed from town to town, but this much is certain: That's one hell of a version of "Starfucker," performed as originally written.  And the rest -- from "Honky Tonk Women" to Chuck Berry's "Sweet Little Sixteen" to Some Girls tracks that fill much of the set list -- ain't bad neither. Happy Thanksgiving, Friends. Fill up.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.