For Your Spring Break Listening Pleasure: The Nuge at the Electric Ballroom in October '75

Still waiting for a call from City Hall, which is worth sticking around for. So with some time to kill, let's go to the vaults -- specifically, this gem suggested by a Friend of Unfair Park who's cranked that Frampton set up to 11. Our Friend insists he was there, man, on Halloween night '75 when Ted Nugent played the Electric Ballroom long ago located at the intersection of Industrial and Cadiz.

The occasion was but one month before the release of the former Amboy Duke's first solo record. Which means this is classic Nuge (Derek St. Holmes too) -- a set list consisting not only of "Snakeskin Cowboys" and "Hey Baby" but also a track off Tooth Fang & Claw. No "Stranglehold," though. Still very Dazed & Confused anyhow. Says it was a radio broadcast, though no jocks are audible. What you can hear -- two guitars and a choking amount of sweet-smelling smoke.

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