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For Your Thursday Listening Pleasure: Getting Rushified at Superpages a Couple of Weeks Ago

A Friend of Unfair Park who's fond of

our regular week-ending classic-rock-and-roll-and adios

suggests this more recent show for consideration:

Rush at The Amphitheater Formerly Known as Starplex on September 26

. Fine by me -- we're waiting for some phone calls, so we've got a few minutes to kill.

Besides, a couple of nights ago Danny Balis and I were chatting about this very show, which he attended as a lark, and The King Buck Hardliner said the best-of revue was pretty good in person -- and even better when the band came back from the first break to play Moving Pictures from start to deep-cut finish. (Best moment, says Danny: "The Camera Eye." And, the between-sets bathroom break -- a stampede to the men's room suggesting the "heavily pony-tailed" audience had "spent the first half snorting Flomax," says Danny.) Still, the heavily compressed modern boot leaves me a little cold -- give me a chunky tape recorder any day.

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