Kevin Todora
The National's Matt Berninger, from Kevin's slide show of the band's show at the House of Blues on October 9

For Your Tuesday Listening Pleasure: Blitzen Trapper, The National at House of Blues

A Friend of Unfair Park who's says s/he only comes to Unfair Park for

our work-week-ending rock-and-roll-and send-off

(fair enough) thought we might be interested in these shows just posted to Archive.org:

The National's October 9 show at the House of Blues

and the

Blitzen Trapper


Fruit Bats

double bill at the same venue just last Thursday.

Well, well, well. That's mighty kind, dear Friend. Big fan of all three bands, and these recordings sound terrific -- The National show especially. And the crowd sing-and-clapalong during "Fake Empire" translates well even at this distance; exhilarating, you might even say. And our Kiernan Maletsky, reviewing the Blitzen Trapper show on DC9 at Night, was quite right: There aren't many better show-openers these days than "Wild Mountain Nation."

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