For Your Weekday Listening Pleasure: Norah Jones in Paris, a Long, Long Way from Popolos

I drove by the now-shuttered Popolos Cafe in Preston Royal on the way home last night -- hated to see it go a couple of weeks back, when it lost its lease due to the landlord's raising the rent. Used to go there all the time: It was close to the house, always good for a almost-fancy date night, and for some 18 months back in the mid-'90s it employed a pretty decent piano player by the name of Norah Jones. Back in September 2001, I asked her about her Popolos stint, to which she replied:

"I really enjoyed it and thought I would make more money doing that. [She laughed.] That's not why I do it, but I realized I never practiced enough to be the best piano player, but I really loved to play. I just thought singing and playing together would be best for me."

Which brings me to this find just posted to the Big O: Jones performing at Espace Pierre Cardin in Paris one week ago today. It was a French-radio broadcast; hence its impeccable quality -- good enough that it makes me reconsider my initial reaction to The Fall, matter of fact. Incidentally, Jones is set to play the Music Hall at Fair Park on May 4, with the great Sarah Jaffe opening; tix go on sale March 12.

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