For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: Classic Rock, Covered in King Biscuit Flower Hour

George Gimarc confirms what I thought I remembered: Early on the King Biscuit Flower Hour aired on KZEW, before, some time in the early '80s, it jumped over to Q102. Makes sense: Blondie's 1979 KBFH appearance, recorded at the original Palladium, and mid-'70s Clapton, with Freddie King at the Dallas Convention Center, were perfect fits for the The Zoo; while, say, Joe Walsh's July 1981 Reunion Arena show was way more Redbeard.

Anyway. Before Sam rolls in with the final preview-slash-open thread of the post-season, win or lose, thought it a good time to unload some of what's been clogging up the desktop since forever: for better or worse, a few tokes of FM-broadcast classic rock sent to deejays on vinyl. As in: For 23 minutes in 1982, I liked Loverboy, who did their KBFH from Reunion that year; "Lady Of The '80s" holds up ... with a cane. Never did get Quarterflash, live from The Agora; nor solo Robert Plant, also at Reunion (The Summit and Erwin Center too) in '83.

Among the better, if not best: Foreigner's KBFH appearance recorded at Reunion in 1981, a stout best-of that reminds: Not so bad, buddy, especially "Long, Long Way From Home" and "Blue Morning, Blue Day." True story: My attending this concert actually killed a friendship with a junior-high classmate who only listened to early-days Kinks. Which I completely get now; then, not so much.


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