For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: Just Can't Get Enough Depeche Mode at Bronco Bowl

So far on this apparently never-ending jaunt down Amnesia Lane we've visited the Bronco Bowl a handful of times, dropping in on the Clash, Squeeze, the Cure, the Replacements and Bruce Springsteen. But there are still myriad memories from the Fort Worth Ave. haunt I'd like to chase down, among them: U2's June 13, 1983, visit during the War tour, which I worked as a Golden Horseshoe usher at the far-too-young age of 14; Adam Ant on May 18, 1983, during which I stood next to a few Pretenders in the Golden Horseshoe (they were playing the next night); Big Country in March of '84; R.E.M. a few months after that; the Smiths in September '86.

But there is, at last, one flashback I can stop looking for: Depeche Mode's March 27, 1985, Bronco Bowl stopover in support of Some Great Reward, the band's fourth record and one of which I remain incredibly fond. I'd been trying to find this for a while, and there it was today, all by its lonesome -- mismarked, of course, as having taken place at the "Arcadia Ballroom."

Can't say I recall much of that night; I blame it on the Blue Nun, which was our rather embarrassing choice of beverage. Went with a Hockadaisy who was profoundly into the hits: "People are People," "Everything Counts," Just Can't Get Enough" -- all of which hold up quite well on this well-preserved account of a rather giddy jump-up-and-down night. ("Master and Servant" too -- wow.) Now excuse me while I push up the sleeves on my suit jacket and finish this bottle of Liebfraumilch.

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