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For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: Ryan Adams and the Cardinals on the SMU Campus

I think we'll make this a regular feature at the end of the working week -- a little rock-and-roll-and somethin-somethin to get you through the weekend. Feel free to offer your suggestions as you stumble across the homegrown during your travels, but this week we go all the way back to October 19, 2007, when Ryan Adams and the Cardinals played McFarlin Auditorium. (As I recall, then-Observer'er Andrea Grimes thought it was quite the good.)

I offer it for several reasons, among them: For an audience recording, it sounds awfully good (a bit muddy, but so what); the set list, ranging from his '00 solo debut through Easy Tiger, is as good as it gets; the performances are top-notch; Adams is chatty and amiable throughout; and that astounding, standing-o rendition of the seldom-performed (at the time, anyway) "Come Pick Me Up" reminds me why it's still my favorite Adams song. Anyway. Something to cuddle up with tonight.

Bonus: Here's his June 17, 2005, show at the Gypsy Tea Room. It's much louder.

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