For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: Smells Like Nirvana at the Fair Park Coliseum in '93

The Legendary Show happened two years and two months earlier at Trees. That one's been well-documented. There's video -- it never gets old. Then there's Jeff Liles's recap, which ran in the paper version of Unfair Park in '05, shortly before a bankruptcy judge closed the club's doors. What a mess. Wouldn't have missed it.

Two years later, at the Fair Park Coliseum, things were a little different. The venue was bigger; the sound too. The band was touring behind In Utero -- the third record, the last record. The Breeders, making a Last Splash, opened, which made sense. Shonen Knife was on the bill too, which didn't feel quite so ... logical. Whatever. Cannonball!

Don't remember much about that night, only that it was One of Those Nights when, four seconds of skronk and two puffs in, you realized: This is going to be special. Felt it a few times afterward -- like when Oasis played Deep Ellum Live in February '95. I've been looking for this show since forever. Came across it, accidentally, just this afternoon while looking for something else. So: Here it is. Sound quality's terrific, worthy of its A rating. All the hits, theirs and others (Leadbelly, the Vaselines, David Bowie's). Then, at the end, "Blew" into feedback into Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold," lights up, everybody out.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.