For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: The Complete Elliott Smith Covers Collection

Every now and then I check in on Hurst's Jessica Peters to see how her Elliott Smith doc is coming. It would appear her film about the singer-songwriter, who lived here from the time he was 5 to 13, remains a work-in-progress. Fingers crossed she gets it done sooner than later, as we've already had the short Strange Parallel and, now, Gil Reyes's polarizing (to say the least) Searching for Elliott Smith.

Which I mention because on days like these -- cold, cloudy, still, the threat of freezing fog hanging in air -- I take comfort in Smith's songs. I'm clearly not the only one who looks out his window and wants to hear "Angel in the Snow." With that, here's your soundtrack for the weekend:

A couple of years ago I directed the Friends' attention to Elliott Smith's May 5, 2000, show at Trees, then freshly posted to YouTube and still available; Christ, was that really 10 years ago? One year later, L.A.-based David Greenwald posted (or the third and final time) "Elliott Smith -- The Complete Live Covers," also still very much alive and kicking over on Rawkblog. (Other music blogs have been cannibalizing pieces of it for years.) Among the highlights: the whole damned thing, though "Blue Eyes in the Rain" does it for me every time.

Bonus boot: I once had a girlfriend who thought my Replacements fetish unhealthy; I also once had a girl friend, from here, who dated Tommy Stinson, which I thought ... very healthy, let's go with that. I see the ever-reliable Captain's Dead has just posted 24 studio odds and sods, some of which I somehow missed during my years of chasing down 'Mats comps. Also posted this week: the Sire demos, including "Valentine." Ah, see what I did there?

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