For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: The Flaming Lips' History of Freaky

So much to do this weekend -- like, oh, I dunno, that St. Patrick's Day Parade we co-sponsor. But before you go, here are Angela Hunt's do's and don'ts, not only for the parade but the daylong after-party (and after-after-party, and after-after-after-after-party) on Lower Greenville. Do keep in mind, "There will be 36 on duty officers south of Belmont from 7:00 p.m. to 3:00 a.m." Can't recall my last St Paddy's parade -- always seems to coincide with South by Southwest in recent years. So sad.

Ah, yes, and speaking of music festivals, we now come to our weekend audio shalom courtesy tomorrow's NX35 free-concert headliners at the North Texas Fairgrounds in Denton ... the Flaming Lips! Coincidentally, I got my copy of this giveaway disc at SXSW years ago, when the film-fest side of things debuted Brad Beesley's terrific, years-in-the-making doc about the band, The Fearless Freaks. There is an official, for-purchase soundtrack consisting of live recordings, but four years ago the band went and gave away an online version that's only missing a couple of tracks -- thankfully, not the Led Zeppelin and Flock of Seagulls covers. You can even print out your own album art. And that, right there, that's customer service.

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