For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: The Shape of Jeff Beck to Come at Louann's in '68

Three, almost four years ago I first mentioned it -- Jeff Beck at Lou and Ann Bovis's joint on Lovers Lane and Greenville Avenue in '68, with Rod Stewart and Ron Wood among those rounding out the band (Mickey Waller too, on drums). Not so hard to find as I found, but it hasn't gotten much play of late -- though David Fricke, who provided the original heads-up, mentioned it again only a few weeks ago amongst "Jeff Beck's Essential Recordings."

He wrote then and now of the Louann's show: "Beck solos with precise vengeful fire, whipping through his old Yardbirds showcase 'Beck's Boogie' at manic velocity, then snapping back at Stewart's vocal in B.B. King's 'Sweet Little Angel' in sharp animal growls and dazzling slalom-like runs." Which doesn't even begin to describe it; mind-boggling, nothing less ("Mother's Old Rice Pudding," I look in your general direction). Also essential recordings: "You Shook Me" (and how), "Shape of Things" (so barely related to the Yardbirds' original), "Beck's Bolero" and the rest of it -- history when it was a brand-new adventure.

Earlier this week, Beck and the group's July 17, 1968, Greenville stomp resurfaced again, and I spent the better part of last night revisiting the recording, which sounds much, much better than I recall. No need to take my word. But, first, this note: When I demo'd it last night, the conversion said "corrupted" upon completion. It wasn't. Far from.

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