For Your Weekend Listening Pleasure: When Memorial Became a House of the Holy in '73

Three months back I directed your attention to Led Zeppelin's March '75 shows at the Dallas Convention Center, a long-time favorite. Till today I hadn't heard any of the band's earlier or later Dallas dates, stretching from March 28, 1970, to April 1, 1977. But on the occasion of Robert Plant's visit to the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center tonight, I went looking and found this thundering echo of the band's May 18, 1973, stopover at Memorial Auditorium before a next-nighter in Fort Worth.

The quality, like its '75 counterpart, is extraordinary: You. Are. There. (Ish.) And from what some have written about this beloved 11-track recording -- which opens with "Rock and Roll," closes with "Stairway to Heaven" and gets plenty dazed and confused during its misty mountain hop over the hills and far away -- this show, the eighth on the Houses of the Holy tour, was the best of the trek. (This is the same tour, incidentally, that wrapped with three NYC dates, resulting in the concert film The Song Remains the Same.) Brought to you by KNUS. Thanks, Gordon.

Incidentally, the band's official Web site has quite a bit of memorabilia from that show -- a ticket stub, a few ads and a ton of Dallas rock-and-roll photographer Carl Dunn's pictures. Those alone are worth the price of the flashback.

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