For Your Yom Kippur Listening Pleasure: Jimi! Willie! Fort Worth! (No, Not Together.)

First off:

G'mar chatimah tovah

. Now, then.

When I posted the link to that Feb. '68 Jimi Hendrix Experience show at the Music Hall at Fair Park a few weeks back, I espied the set list for the next night's follow-up at the Will Rogers Auditorium -- a little different, mostly due to the inclusion of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" as show-opener. (Says the expert: Only the second U.S. performance!) Seemed a worthy follow-up, especially since for an audience recording it's not quite as clear as mud -- and more than a few Friends wondered if that Fort Worth show was hanging around. Why, yes, yes it is.

And while we're doing follow-ups in Fort Worth ...

Of all the work-week rock-and-roll-and shaloms I've posted, Willie Nelson's July 1, 1976, at the KAFM studios remains a personal playlist constant -- the thing reeks of Lone Star and weed. This one's close behind: Willie at Panther Hall in February 1975. Plenty of familiar tunes among the ginormous set list ("Whiskey River" ... twice, natch) but also "Big Balls in Cowtown," "What'd I Say," "Will the Circle Be Unbroken," "Jambalaya," "Proud Mary" and other covers from another mother. Sound quality's amazing too -- like he's right in your bong.


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