See, this just-snapped traffic photo shows why you should commute to work at, like, 10 in the morning. Because 8's just too early.

Forbes Says Dallasites Waste 58 Hours a Year in Traffic. So, Please, Stay Home.

Forbes has some astonishing news for Dallas commuters: Your drive to work s-s-s-s-s-sucks. Thanks, holmes. Specifically, ours is the fifth-worst commute amongst the 75 largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. and A., behind only Atlanta, Detroit, Miami and Orlando. Why come? Well, "like most Texas cities, Dallas has very little zoning regulation, and has succumbed to sprawl. As the city continues to attract people and jobs, this problem has become compounded. While the DART train system has expanded, it has not done so fast enough to accommodate those living in area exurbs." (Yo, Schutze, you write this?) Hence, 58 hours of delays per driver per year -- dunno, seems a little high, unless you're driving to a jam-packed Collin County, and why you'd do that on purpose, I have no idea. --Robert Wilonsky

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