David Hollenbach

Forecast Calls for 100 Percent Chance of Crazy

Silly you. You just think there's a stalled low-pressure system situated over North Texas that's feeding off Gulf moisture and bringing us all this rain. Turns out, the super soaking is being brought about by "the Jezebel spirit," in the weather-forecasting words of Plano’s nuttiest TV apostle, Doyle Davidson -- pastor of Water of Life Church, so, yeah, he should totally know. Davidson, as you may recall, was the subject of this story in the paper version of Unfair Park, which dealt with Davidson’s involvement in the case of Dena Schlosser, a psychotic member of the church who cut off her baby’s arms. Now he's in the weather biz.

A video buff and apparent Ali G fan who goes by booyakasha83 has been posting clips of Davidson’s odd behavior on his television show for the past six months; most of them feature Davidson’s bizarre rants, and in a couple he goes on and on about Lisa Staton, the married woman who Davidson insists is his wife because God told him so. (On his site, Davidson's still posting numerous letters to her, which must make Staton awfully proud.)

But a few months ago, booyakasha83 posted a video of Davidson in which he preaches about how "the Jezebel affects the weather like I could never imagine" and how "the Jezebel has been trying to destroy the water supply in Collin County." So, take that, Pete Delkus. a href="mailto:rwilonsky@dallasobserver.com">--Glenna Whitley

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.