Former Dallas Cowboys Running Back Ron Springs' Tale of Triumph Takes a Sad Detour Through Stagnation and Litigation

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No one?

"It's unfortunate, but nobody's responsible," Chamblee says. "Like humans and doctors, medicine isn't perfect. Every day in this country dozens of folks die because of unforeseen circumstances in elective surgery. Even with our advances, we still cannot perform procedures risk-free, and we won't be able to do so in our lifetime."


"A normal, functioning doctor would've communicated Ron's situation clearly to his health care team," Weisbrod contends. "Dr. Godat not only failed to do that, he wasn't even in the room when the procedure started and ultimately failed."


"There's a reason Ron's gone through all this," Adriane says. "God has a purpose for him, and it's much bigger than lying in that bed. He's going to be whole again someday."

Because Springs received his last request, he likely won't ever get to tell his side of the sad story.

"I remember what he said," said Abraham, recalling her patient's repeated pre-op desire. "He just wanted to be put to sleep."

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