Former Loews Cityplace to Become a Kroger. With or Without Booze, That is the Question.

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Well, at least now we know what they're planning to build on the site of the former Loews Cityplace, which

has been shuttered

for almost two years: It's slated to become a Kroger. So says this morning's briefing to the council's Economic Development committee, which now has to wrestle with the fact that the grocer wants to stock its coolers with alcohol ... only problem is, see, the Kroger will be "within 300 feet" of Alex W. Spence Middle School, and

Dallas City Code

(and Texas Alcoholic Beverage Code) says you can't sell booze that close to a school. Now, the council


vote to allow for a variance if, per the briefing, it "determines [an exception] is in the best interest of the community." So we'll see. On a related note, I'm pretty sure attending Spence in the early 1980s is what led me to start drinking in the first place.


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