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Fort Worth Cop Maces Biker Group During Traffic Stop

Chase Stone and his friends were out Sunday, he says, to enjoy to beautiful weather and the start of riding season with a group motorcycle ride. As the riders traveled through Fort Worth, one of the group's support vehicles, traveling with the caravan of motorcycles to help out in case of a breakdown, was pulled over by a Fort Worth cop. What happened next was captured on video by one of Stone's buddies.

As the bikes approach the police car, appearing to give the officer a wide berth, he takes his pepper spray out of his holster and sprays it at the rest of the group.

"We were trying to give the officer room and, as you can clearly see, he steps out toward the street, off of the shoulder and continues to spray," Stone says.

Several of the bikers, according to Stone, were hit by the spray.

"At the end of the ride, I heard a couple of the guys talking about how their arms had been burning. Today, I heard some people saying that contact with water was still irritating," Stone says.

Apparently, the spray did not get in any of the riders' eyes, and no accidents were caused by the incident, something that Stone says would've been inevitable had any of the riders been maced in the face.

"Never in my life have I seen anything like this," Stone says. "I saw it and took action because this was wrong."

Stone slowed down the video and zoomed in on the officer before posting it to Youtube. In a statement, Fort Worth police said Monday that they are investigating the incident.

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