Found Your Beef

Dunno about you, but not a day goes by I don't hope this is the day my copy of Beef arrives. And, dang, the latest issue isn't online yet, but forthcoming is the tale of Stoney Point AgriCorp up in Melissa, about which Country World wrote some four years back due to the dairy feedyard's unique relationship with them ol' Moroccans. In its April issue, Beef takes a lengthly look at Stoney Point four years later because of the operation's expansion into China -- Inner Mongolia, to be specific. And while the tale's a fascinating one worth a peek once it's online, here's one of your better excerpts till then:

Among the cultural concerns that Clark Willingham and Mark Quinn, owners of Stoney Point Agri-Corp, had in helping establish a feedyard in Morocco was sending Sara Sellers to a country that practices the male-dominated Muslim religion.

"I was worried when we sent her there, because a cute blonde in a Muslim culture just personally scared me," Willingham says.

Sellers was unfazed. "I think it worked to my advantage," she says.

One more reason why Texas women are tougher than Texas men. --Robert Wilonsky

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