Four More Years? Well...

There has been much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments among folks who want to see Mayor Laura defeated next time around. Too many old white guys running, they say, none with enough name ID to cash a check, and all they're going to do is split the opposition.

One bright idea being floated: An Anglo woman might have a shot. But nobody can find one. Maybe a Latina? I keep hearing Elba Garcia mentioned, but she's telling everybody no way. A black woman? Cecilia Edwards has made a big impression on people who have dealt with her. She's president and CEO of the Foundation for Community Empowerment and formerly with global management gurus The Boston Consulting Group. Supposed to be very good at group dynamics. But no name-brand recognition.

So far, unless she decides to retire, I'd say get ready for four more years of Laura. --Jim Schutze

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