Frank Poe, In Charge of the Dallas Convention Center, Is Heading to Atlanta

Frank Poe, the city's Convention & Event Services Director, is outta here. According to various reports, the man in charge of the Dallas Convention Center is taking a job with the Georgia World Congress Center Authority in Atlanta, where he'll assume the title of executive director. According to the Atlanta Business Journal, the GWCC Authority unanimously elected Poe to the position today, and he'll start there April 1.

I've left messages for Poe, Dallas CVB spokesperson Phyllis Hammond and Assistant City Manager A.C. Gonzalez. Till then, then, this from the ABJ story:

As director of the Dallas Convention Center, Poe had fiscal control of an annual budget of more than $60 million and was responsible for the management of the Dallas Convention Center, Reunion Arena, Dallas Farmer's Market, Union Station and the Office of Special Events.

"Dallas is similar to our experience but not quite as big as Atlanta," said Bob Prather, chairman of the GWCC board. "We feel we have made a very good decision."

Update at 1:58 p.m.: DCVB president and CEO Phillip Jones is out of the country and, therefore, unavailable for comment. But Hammond didn't know what I was talking about when I called her again a minute ago. "This kinda blows me away," she said, before promising to find out more and return our call as soon as she does.

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Robert Wilonsky
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