The Flaming Lips are the best band in the history of ever. Or so says my son, who has his mother's eyes and his father's taste.

Free Lips!

I know where I'm gonna be Saturday night: at the Flaming Lips at the Nokia Theatre at Grand Prairie. You wanna join me? No, not literally. But still, I've got in my grubbies two pair of tix to the concert, which oughta be a stellar show from the Okie noodlers who've become a certain 3-year-old's favorite band in recent weeks. (I cannot hear "The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song" enough. No, wait. I can.) So if you wanna see Wayne Coyne and the boys, with the inexplicably overrated Matisyahu and the Street Drum Corps, all ya gotta do is drop me a line containing the correct answer to the following question: What is my one quote in Jim DeRogatis' book Staring at Sound: The True Story of Oklahoma's Fabulous Flaming Lips? Is that too self-serving? Damn right, but if you possess the tome, and you should, well, then yer a real fan deserving of the gratis ducats to what might be the best rock concert in the history of ever. First come, first served. --Robert Wilonsky

Bonus MP3:

Flaming Lips, "Knives Out" (Radiohead cover)

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