Because this would look amazing above your bed.

Free Meteors! Free Meteors!

Heritage Auction Galleries has come up with a pretty damned amazing way to lure folks to their June Signature Natural History Auction this Saturday: with a giveaway. And not just any giveaway -- hot damn, free meteors! Or, specifically, says Heritage's John Petty: "a piece of a meteorite from the famous Odessa, Texas, meteorite shower, from approximately 75,000 years ago." Only, they're for the kids, ages 8 to 13 -- though don't think I ain't taking the almost-5-year-old would-be archaeologist-Star Wars fanatic living in my house, for whom this is killing two birds with one, um, space stone?

Just be in line by 1 p.m., when doors open. Better still, the kids can sneak a peek at the items that go up for grabs on Sunday -- and look, Dad, you know you need the Tyrannosaurus rex skull, only the greatest conversation piece available for around $155,000. It'll be like going to the Nature & Science Museum and being able to walk out with an artifact -- just pretend you're a Perot. --Robert Wilonsky


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