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Over at The Downloader, an on-the-up-and-up Brit-based music giveaway site, Bella Union's making available today an "exclusive remix" of Midlake's so-called "calling card," the indie more-or-less-hit "Roscoe." (It's Erol Alkan's dreamy-trancy "Beyond The Wizards Sleeve" remix, which has floated around a few MP3 blogs in the past and proves that, yes, it is possible to make the song even groggier than the original.)

And, hey, you wanna keep the song, no sweat; just right click and save, but the offer's good for one day only. And Bella Union's not yet done providing local treasures on this faraway site: Tomorrow, it promises to make available -- again, for 24 hours and no mas -- another exclusive MP3, this one an acoustic version of Robert Gomez's "Closer Still." Thanks to our Friend Cindy Chaffin, incidentally, for the heads-up. --Robert Wilonsky

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