James Waller is one of the DNA exonerees expected to attend Saturday night's DNA Blues Ball.

Free To Have a Ball

Dunno how much posting we'll be doing between now and the weekend -- pretty sure some of us have families with whom we'd like to spend what's apparently some kind of holiday or something? So we'll take the time now to remind you of the celebration and fund-raiser taking place Saturday night at the Lakewood Theater: the DNA Blues Ball, tickets to which run from $30 to $5,000 for a Platinum VIP Table and proceeds from which benefit the Innocence Project of Texas.

Among the special guests attending the Blues Ball: Dallas County District Attorney Craig Watkins and at least eight of the former Texas prison inmates exonerated by DNA testing. (Scheduled to attend are James Waller, James Giles, Alex Hernandez, Brandon Moon, Billy Smith, Anthony Hicks, Anthony Robinson and Eugene Henton.) Oh, yeah -- and they're be music too, courtesy the likes of Kim Wilson, Candye Kane and others. Almost forgot about the music. --Robert Wilonsky


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