Freemasons, Eh? Not Entirely.

Maybe there are some

Freemason artifacts

in Slowride's video, which was directed by Kris Youmans (The Paper Chase, Happy Bullets) and edited by Justin Wilson, but it looks to me like a large part of it was shot inside Waxahachie's 10,000-square foot

Webb Gallery
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. Tom Sale's suitcase dioramas are featured (from the gallery's most recent show


), and Glen C. Davies' sideshow banners abound between shots of the Slowride boys tearin' it up on "Morals and Dogma." Of course, the gallery does collect old-school lodge items, "tramp art" and other oddities, so that may have contributed to the whole fraternal-order vibe. Youmans, while confirming my Webb-y suspicions, assured that the video borrows props and elements of ceremony from several so-called "secret" societies (Knights of Pythia, Freemasons,

Odd Fellows

and others); and part of the video


filmed inside the Waxahachie Odd Fellows lodge. But he says, "The group was adamant about not having anything be entirely from one organization," which is a smart move if you don't know the secret handshake.

Sidenote for music-video trivia buffs: Youmans divulged that the skeleton in the casket is real. --Merritt Martin

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