Fried Street

Between midnight and 2 a.m. there landed in our in-box plenty of pics from last night's blaze in Denton that consumed the beloved Tomato on Fry Street, which shut down a few weeks back in preparation for a wrecking ball that will level the 80-plus-year-old building. No doubt about it now: Reports the Denton Record-Chronicle this morning, it was arson, as witnesses saw three men run out of the 23-year-old UNT hang just before it went up. Already this a.m., there's plenty of video of the fire to be seen on YouTube.

Now United Equities has a slightly bigger mess on its hands as its prepares to turn Fry Street into what Dallas' Only Daily referred to as "a modern business and restaurant center" on Saturday, two days before demolition of Fry Street was set to begin. We did note this morning that on the Save Fry Street! site, there had been mention on Tuesday of a candlelight vigil to be "held along the street facing the Tomato starting at 9 p.m." It asked but one thing: "We also ask that you refrain from vandalism. These buildings belong to the community more than they do United Equities. Defacing them is wrong and is stealing from the community." --Robert Wilonsky

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