From the Highland Park Teen Affairs Desk

When I was in high school, the school participated in a program called Shattered Dreams just before prom season. It's meant to instill fear of drunk driving in the hearts of binge-drinking high schoolers who may imbibe on their magical evening. The point is to create a shockingly real, disturbing car accident outside the school one day. Everybody goes out to watch as a couple of classmates pretend to be dead and get carried off in an ambulance. Presumably you will be so affected by the experience that you'll responsibly just say no to the Boone's Farm being passed around after the king and queen are crowned.

I don't know if it works, but they do do a pretty good job of making everything seem real, from the mangled cars to the speeding ambulance. Of course, Highland Park had to take it one step further to drill it into Scots brains: They used a gold Cadillac and a BMW as their fake crash vehicles. Because, honestly, who would seriously be seen drunk-driving across the HP in a Hyundai? --Andrea Grimes

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