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From The Magnix My Morning Jacket Live Recordings Archive, Dallas and Denton '02

Was listening to some new My Morning Jacket yesterday when up popped some old MMJ on the iPod -- specifically, "One Big Holiday" from the band's March 15, 2002, Rubber Gloves stopover. A month earlier the band had played Trees. They came through here a lot back then: Trees again in June '02 (opening for Guided by Voices), the Galaxy Club on July 19 (with Ben Kweller), a Good Records in-store the day after that , then back for a Gypsy Tea Room show in September. Three years later MMJ still fit into the GTR. But now the band isn't coming through town at all: The closest we get, for now, is that Tuesday-night streaming show with special guest Erykah Badu, whose in-concert staple "Tyrone" made that Denton set list nine years back.

Those two early '02 shows, pre-major, were special, worth grabbing and savoring on this breezy, sticky Sunday. That was the mid-March Zac Crain and I spent South by Southwest following MMJ from a jam-packed Buffalo Billiards showcase to  the beer-soaked backyard party at Yarddog the next afternoon, where I spent a long time chatting up Jim James like some fanboy with a sunburned buzz. (I missed the covers-heavy Urban Outfitters show -- and where's that boot?)

So enjoy. Dig in. The two local shows above from early '02 are part of what's known as The Magnix MMJ Live Recordings Archive project . But there's more. So much more.

And to think. I was going to post an interview my interview with Mike Rawlings about the DISD this morning. What was I thinking? Tomorrow. Maybe.

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