From the Private Collection of Heritage Auction's Co-Chair: Larry Hagman Goes Mad

I was looking for something very unrelated this afternoon, and came across this quite-the-surprising for-sale find: the original cover art to the June 1981 Mad, which contained the magazine's Dallas parody "Dullus." Drawn by Sam Viviano, that's quite the timely offering, what with Larry Hagman set to return to Dallas in October, when TNT sets up shop for its next-gen reboot at Jack Matthews's Lamar Street studios.

Turns out, the eBay offering -- for a mere $2,495, yipes -- is in conjunction with its listing on the Lewis Wayne Gallery's website. That's worth a browse too -- because that's a shopping site set up in part by Jim Halperin, co-chair of Unfair Park's cross-the-street neighbor Heritage Auction Galleries. He uses that site to sell off some of his art -- and Halperin has an extraordinary collection of Mad keepsakes, not to mention EC Comics, Robert Crumb and Frank Frazetta originals ... for starters. He'll let you look but not touch the whole kit and kaboodle here. What, him worry?

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