People have given this man $4 million in eight days.
People have given this man $4 million in eight days.
Gage Skidmore

Further Proof of the Economic Recovery: Ted Cruz Has Raised $4 Million in a Week

In the surest sign yet that the United States is in the midst of a dramatic economic recovery, Americans have seen fit to set fire to more $4 million by giving it to Ted Cruz's nascent presidential campaign. Not that we're prejudging.

"This constitutional conservative campaign has raised more in the first week than any Republican nominee in modern times," Cruz told a Cedar Falls, Iowa crowd Thursday. "We raised more in the first week of the campaign than Romney did in 2012 ... [or] McCain in 2008."

According to his campaign, 95 percent of the donations have come from people giving less than $100. That means that, like Barack Obama in 2008, Cruz will have a long list of donors who haven't yet given him the maximum allowed by law as he heads into the early primaries.

Cruz, who believes the world is on fire and expressed a desire this week to lead Congress to strip the Supreme Court of its jurisdiction over marriage, remains the only official candidate in the field, which (hopefully) accounts for his rising poll numbers -- he's in the double digits now -- and robust fundraising.

Over the coming Easter weekend, Cruz will air ads in Iowa, South Carolina and Nevada -- all early caucus or primary states -- during, what else, NBC's A.D.: The Bible Continues.

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