Santiago Calatrava finally has something to say about his overpriced bridges. And by something, I mean very, very little.

Gapping the Bridge

Our old co-worker Tom Korosec finally got a response from the Invisible Man Santiago Calatrava, whose $54 million bridge turned into a $113 boondoggle last month. In a story about the mayor's way-too-high-priced eye candy that appeared in yesterday's Houston Chronicle, the architect, who's refused to give interviews or issue any kind of statement concerning the exploding price tag, finally popped out of his hole in Zurich to say this and only this:

"If the people of Dallas will grant us just a little more patience, I believe we can give back to them an extraordinary bridge, at a cost the city can afford."

Pal, we got all the time in the world--because most of us think it ain't ever gonna happen. Actually, that's not true. Says here the Margaret Hunt Hill Extension Bridge should be completed in 2008. My bad. --Robert Wilonsky

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