One of these guys is a pornographer. The other one is Josh Alan Friedman.

Gawking at Josh Alan Friedman and The Old Jew Pornographer

As you know, we always like to follow Bible Girl with a blog posting that includes the word "clit." Dunno--kinda like somebody dipping chocolate in your peanut butter, isn't it?

Well, we aren't about to disappoint: Seems our old pal, Oak Lawn crime-watch boss Josh Alan Friedman, had a book-launching party in NYC last night with his former boss Al Goldstein, whose life story Josh chronicles in I, Goldstein: My Screwed Life. It was at some seedy Lower East Side joint called the Slipper Room, and Gawker was there to document the event--complete with pics of Josh and Al, not to mention other snapshots of creepy, lecherous, eye-patched hangers-on who, I'm sure, reminded Josh of the good ol' days when sex was dirty.

Reports Gawker's brave and intrepid "Intern Stephanie":

Meanwhile, a video is playing. Al groping a naked woman. Al groping another naked woman. Al groping a naked women in the spread eagle position. Nikola and I leave before reverse cowgirl and doggy style, but not before we hear the mating call of the wild beast.

"I have not tasted pussy in a year and a half. So I'm going to ask you women out there to sit on my face and let me use your pussy as a breathing apparatus. Let me play a few musical numbers on your clit."

My only consolation present for hearing "clit" more times in 90 minutes than I have in my entire life was a copy of the book.

There ya go: "clit." In other I, Goldstein news, the book's getting a review in Sunday's New York Times Book Review. It's a rave. Writes Steven Heller, "I believe this ribald, at times insightful and illuminating autobiography, written with Josh Alan Friedman, is overdue. In fact, Goldstein's life and legacy actually deserve even fuller analysis to truly establish what, besides dirty words and deeds, he has contributed to American pop culture, and in particular to the cause of free sexual speech."

Mazel tov. --Robert Wilonsky

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.